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What is an Ambassador?

All school-age kids and teens are considered "Ambassadors" as soon as they send a letter or video of support to a Friend Mail Recipient. They can also work towards becoming Official, Presentation and/or Super Ambassadors. (So can their adult leaders, parents and educators!)

Ambassador Levels

Official Ambassadors


The first time a class, school, organization or any group of K-12 youths sends a BATCH of Friend Mail, that group will become Official Ambassadors and will receive a certificate. 


Individual kids and teens become Official Ambassadors and can receive a Certificate and a FRIEND STRONG WRISTBAND after one full school season of sending Friend Mail letters to each featured Recipient.

Presentation Ambassadors

Kids and teens who decide to present the BAFP by (for example) running display tables, visiting classrooms, speaking to organizations, conferences and groups, etc., are immediately dubbed Official Ambassadors and can receive a Certificate, Official Ambassador Badge with heart-hands Lanyard and a "Friend Strong Wristband" to enhance their presentation.

Super Ambassadors

Individuals, groups - students and adults - who have consistently contributed letters of support for at least 2 seasons AND/OR have done something AMAZING to help grow and share the Be A Friend Project and its FRIEND STRONG message (such as recruiting teachers or friends, organizing assemblies or surprise deliveries, fundraising, presenting to classrooms...) are awarded a SUPER Ambassador Certificate, and join our Super Ambassador Hall-Of-Fame. This designation is awarded at the discretion of the Be A Friend Project Board of Directors and Executive Director at the end of every school season.

More Ways to Help!

Host an Event

Have fun with friends and change the world at the same time! 

Be a Presenter

The BAFP will set you up with a t-shirt, badge, wristband and script when you present a BAFP program to your class, club, grade, entire school or beyond! 

Raise Funds

Wow, do we have ideas for you compiled by Teen Board members for great fundraisers! Fundraise with Friend Mail Art Cards! 

Spread the Word

You can help spread our message and grow our mission by asking your friends to follow us on Social Media! The more followers, the more we can attract sponsors and funding.

BAFP Social Media

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Super Ambassador Hall of Fame