115 Friend Mail Letters to Inspire!


Imagine enduring on-going physical, verbal, social and cyber cruelty from your peers to the point where you feel worthless, lose hope and believe the ugly words they call you. Then, one day, thousands of letters arrive from kids & teens across the country calling you a "HERO" and a "FRIEND."


These 115 sample letters - banners, posters, mobiles, tee-shirts - are just 1/10 of the average amount of letters a bullied child receives in one surprise Friend Mail Delivery.  Spelling, age and creative medium does not matter; all that matters is HEART and the power of EMPATHY.

It's a fact that when students step-into-the-shoes of a bullied peer by participating in the Be A Friend Project, they build empathy. Kids & teens with a strong capacity to empathize, do not bully. We are always proud to find Friend Mail letters from former bullies proving the power of the initiative.

The Be A Friend Project does not give advice, therapy or intervention.

The organization’s formal legal name is BE A FRIEND PROJECT, INC.

It is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization / Federal Tax ID # 84-2802576.

Any donation to the Be A Friend Project, Inc. is tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law, thank you!

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