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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Check-in with sweet Shianna to see how she's doing and remind her she's FRIEND STRONG FAMILY FOREVER! Review her story. Send your "BOOSTER SHOT OF PEER SUPPORT" to this now 9th Grader by October 16th, 2021 through our virtual portal or to:


P.O. BOX 30

BEACON, NY 12508

Please note this is a new address for the 2021-2020 Season!


WE DELIVERED 1,038 LETTERS of peer support on 10/4/19!

From Shianna's mom:


SHIANNA'S SURPRISE FRIEND MAIL DELIVERY took place at home in Florida with her Mom who BRILLIANTLY had Shianna write a letter of support to the new Friend Mail Recipient, "Sydney," as a way to introduce Shianna to the Be A Friend Project BEFORE she knew she was a Recipient!! So smart! A very touching video to remind all Ambassadors of the power of their peer support for a victim of bullying who is struggling to stay strong.

We love you Shianna!! YOU ARE FRIEND STRONG!




Original 2019 Post

THIS YOUTUBE INTRODUCTION OF SHIANNA is a good choice for young students!

~ By On-Air Teen Super Ambassador, Brielle Withers:

Florida 12-year-old has switched schools 4 times in 4 years

to avoid the bullies, but one always finds her.

“VERY KIND, SHY, CARING and STRONG,”this new 7th Grader is one of 160,000 kids nationwide who miss school every day to avoid their bullies.

On-going verbal and physical attacks since 3rd Grade have led to Shianna becoming very reserved and wanting to stay in her room at home. Shianna worries if she goes places, kids from school might be there. Or, if a classmate comes over to hang out with her younger sister, they’ll find something at home to bully her about later. When she shopped for new school clothes this summer, she chose based on what she thought a bully might not target, like they did when she wore “knock-off Adidas.” As is typical of kids who've been excluded by "social bullying," Shianna does not have real friends to hang out with or invite over.

Shianna came home from school one day last year at just 11-years-old and told her mom...

“I should just kill myself. This is just too much, nobody likes me.”

Shianna's mom is dedicated to helping Shianna find ways to make the “inside hurt” stop, including counseling. The BE-A-FRIEND PROJECT was honored when she asked if we had room in our Project to make Shianna a Friend Mail Recipient. Ambassadors, we get to show brave Shianna how many friends she has across the country!

Shianna’s bullying started in 3rd Grade when kids made fun of her weight. She had digestion issues as a little girl that made her stomach swollen and kids called her things like “pregnant.” From there, over the last 4 years, she has been bullied constantly about her weight and endures non-stop physical, verbal, social and text-message bullying. A boy stabbed her in the hand with a pencil. Another slapped her face with paper. She is bullied about her hair being “frizzy” and about being a WELL-BEHAVED and GOOD STUDENT in class. She’s been called a “snitch” for asking kids to be quiet during a state test so she could concentrate. She was choked in volleyball when a classmate looped a scarf around her neck and wouldn’t release it until she gave up the ball, leaving marks on her neck.  Kids tell other kids not to be friends with her or they will be made fun of, too.

Shianna loves Taekwondo. When classmates found out, they tried every day to make her fight and called her a “COWARD” when she refused. When her mom alerted the school administration about this, she found herself having to defend her belief that Shianna should not fight them. She was told, “There’s a winner and a loser and you don’t want her to be a loser.” Another time, Shianna was smacked hard and the school brushed it aside because the bully was in a younger grade. Again, lacking support and safety, they switched schools.

The 2nd day into a new school for 6th Grade, Shianna was confronted by a group of girls as one accused her of “stealing her hairstyle!” At the time, Shianna was wearing her hair down and natural, and the idea that she “stole” someone’s hairstyle was crazy to her. Either way, since it’s really a compliment to copy someone’s hairstyle, it made no sense. Later that day, those 5 girls showed up to jump Shianna as she waited for class to begin, but a teacher intervened and stopped them – yet he got hit in the process by these relentless bullies.

Despite being shy and a target of bullying, Shianna always stands up for other children when people pick on them. Shianna is so fun and creative! She loves to draw, especially ANIME, and she LOVES TO PAINT ROCKS AND HIDE THEM around town for others to find. This is a popular pastime for kids today and Shianna gets joy from knowing she can bring a smile to someone when they find her special painted rocks. Shianna’s mom says she “prays every day that her daughter can stay strong and know that she is loved.” She knows FRIEND MAIL will be uplifting and we know it too!! Ambassadors, help us show Shianna she is FRIEND STRONG and absolutely beautiful inside and out! We can show her that she is special and loved!!


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