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"It's Easy!" The Musical

Winner of 8 Broadway World Awards!
"Best Musical!" 
Best... Choreo! Scenic Design! Ensemble Cast!
Direction! Sound Design! Lighting Design! Supporting Actress!

Broadway World Regional Awards Winner 2017
"A trailblazing musical that brings to the fore a nationwide epidemic of bullying and carries an uplifting, life-changing message of the role that each person can play in its solution." 
~The Freelance Star, Fredericksburg, Virginia

About the Show


75 Min


Musical Numbers


SHOW TRACKS mpegs & ORCHESTRA PIT Score available with Licensing Kit.

Musical Numbers


24 Middle School Youths

To play MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS, plus INTERGENERATIONAL OPTIONS for 1-10 adults or high school students to play "Mr. A" and/or the "future adults"


“It’s Easy!” takes place at Goodwin Middle School where bullies make life miserable, bystanders “look the other way” and victims are many. 6th grader, Jed Travis, just wants to find the courage to speak up. Stacey Emerson just wants to know why her best friend dumped her for the girls that she hates. And Ricky Palmer? He just wants to disappear. Just as the day couldn’t get any worse, a kind custodian with a time travel app helps Jed. Together, with one unwitting cyber-bully, they see that their futures, and the lives of others, depend on what they say or do, at every moment… is it too late to change the fate of one bullied classmate? Not if it’s up to Jed! The future is always changing.



Hope, empathy and the power of friendship are the enduring and uplifting emotions of "It's Easy!" which encourages audiences to acts of kindness to prevent bullying. Bullying scenes between middle schoolers are tamer than real life, yet do include the 4 types of verbal (no cursing), cyber, social and physical bullying. In a scene from the future, it is implied that one bullied classmate may have taken his own life to stop the hurt, however the incident is not described or seen and children under 7 tend to think he just left school. The target audience is 8-14 years, grades 3-8. Younger children are some of the show's biggest fans and are upon your discretion.



IT'S EASY! The Friend Strong Musical Outdoors

"IT'S EASY!" is licensed worldwide to educational entities, including schools and youth theater programs, exclusively by the Be A Friend Project.

Putting On the Show


IT'S EASY! The Friend Strong Musical Director's Binder
The April 2024 cast of Heritage Middle School's licensed production thinks it's important for schools to put on "IT'S EASY!". Hear why...

Licensing Kit Contents

Your IE Licensing Kit will consist of the following:



  • Director Script

  • Character Descriptions

  • Production Notes & Illustrations (Set, Costume, Props, Direction)

  • Graphics Sample Pack


Friend Strong WRISTBANDS for cast and crew​


1 Director Script (to be printed for tech crew scripts)
1 Actor Script (to be printed for cast scripts)    
Vocal Reference Tracks (MPEG Audio)
Complete Show Track (MPEG Audio)
Alternative Show Tracks MPEGs including Play-Off Music
Piano-Vocal Score
Musical Numbers/Scene Index
Official Show Logo Pack with Poster/Program Art
Graphics for Scenic Props
Link to “Suggested Choreo Video”


  • Cast List for your customization
  • Show Program Creator Credits/BIOS


Orchestra Pit Parts

Video License Rider

Friend Strong Cast T-Shirt Graphics

Request a Quote for Licensing Fee

"IT'S EASY!" is Internationally licensed to educational entities – including schools and youth theater programs – exclusively by the Be A Friend Project!


The BAFP offers a flat licensing fee to schools and youth theater programs, while For-Profit Theater are traditionally calculated by a percentage of shows x theater seats x ticket price. 

Once administrative costs are covered, the remainder of licensing fees - approximately 80% - are donated by the Artists back to the Be A Friend Project to help us bring peer support to victims of bullying, raise anti-bullying awareness and build empathy in school-age kids and teens nationwide. Thank you for helping to make a difference!

Thanks for your request! We will be in touch ASAP!

"The message is fantastic for kids... the kids involved in the show got to live it and feel it... I think it's really powerful, and so powerful for the audience. I think everyone should see or do this show because it's fantastic."

Becky Clina, 2024 Music Teacher & Director, Heritage Middle School, New Windsor, NY

"The show is a joy... we all woke up singing the next morning. The themes have followed us through the week, too. The struggles and insights of the characters resonate, and give us a non- threatening way to talk about delicate topics.... entertained us and fed our spirits, too."

Carolyn Llewellyn, School Librarian and Girl Scout Leader, NY

"After I saw the play, I am more alert of bullying and that it could happen wherever, whenever. I also am more alert about what I could do when I see bullying. Now I know that just one person can make a difference. And that one person could be ME!"

"Mia" (4th Grade), Main Street School, Irvington, NY - Post-Show Reflection

"Don't be afraid (to put on the show). Do it as big or as small as you need to; it will be powerful."

Mariah Snow, Director/Producer 1st Worldwide "It's Easy!" Licensed Production, Mariah's Music & Arts, Stafford, Virginia

"Exciting new musical! Students will love the realistic portrayals of the issues they face everyday. It was great to see a serious subject matter portrayed with both humor and sensitivity. The catchy songs and fun choreography make it a visual treat for all audience members!"

Georgia DeFalco, Vocal Music and Theater Director, Dobbs Ferry Middle & High School, NY

"First, I want to say that it is an amazing play... it really changed the way I think about bullying... as a result of the play, if I see someone being bullied, I’ll help them and stand up to the bully."

"Nicola" (5th Grade), Main Street School, Irvington, NY - Post-Show Reflection

"A positive message about the importance of friendship in a musical aimed at keeping bullying out of school. Tackles what it's like to your average middle school student... social media, friendship and, of course, what can happen when people struggle to fit in."

VIOS ONE News, New Jersey

"I knew the show would be good, but OMG, I was blown away!... the message came across loud and clear in an incredibly effective and universal way. I don't think there's a person over the age of ten in the world that couldn't relate to something about this show."

Amy Puerto, 2017 Cast Member Parent

"It left an important message on me, that you should always be kind and respectful of others. Also, that you should respect people for who they are, not for who you think they should be... this play was not just great but important for everybody to see."

"Sammi" (4th Grade), Main Street School, Irvington, NY - Post-Show Reflection

"Before the show I couldn’t really tell the difference of bullying and what was joking around. Now I can identify when it is bullying or not."

Maggie Lockwood, Youth Cast Member, NY

"Seeing the play was awesome. I felt like I was in the scenes. Everyone was being a bystander! Including me! I wished I could just jump up on stage and stand up for the bully’s victims."

"Julia" (5th Grade), Main Street School, Irvington, NY - Post-Show Reflection

"The show was outstanding! This was such a powerful learning experience for all involved."

Joyce Chapnick, Principal Main Street School (School Show Audience), Irvington, NY
IT'S EASY! The Friend Strong Musical Testimonial
Canyon ISD Production, Texas
IT'S EASY! The Friend Strong Musical Testimonial
Main Street School 4th Grader, Irvington, NY
IT'S EASY! The Friend Strong Musical Review
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