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Kindness Clubs

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We've switched things up for 2024!

Hey, Kindness Clubs! We are saying GOODBYE to the activity calendar and HELLO to the activity CHALLENGE!!


We’re calling it the “5 MONTHS OF 50 CHALLENGES”! On this page you will find a downloadable checklist with these 50 activities to be completed by May 31st, relating to bullying awareness, acts of kindness, and friend mail, as well as a separate downloadable document with more detailed activity descriptions. 


The  50 Challenges do not have to be completed in the order they are numbered.  You  can choose to do the 50 challenges  in any order. If you are a club leader, YOU can decide if an activity is to be completed by one club member, or the club as a whole. 


If your Kindness Club does not want to try for the 50 Challenges, that’s okay, too. You can just pick and choose activities based on your Club’s interests and how often you meet. 


BUT, if you DO complete all 50 challenges by May 31st, your club members will receive a special prize - an exclusive Kindness Club Tote Bag for every Player, and a “50 Kindness Challenges Winner” pin. Imagine your Tote bag filled with lots of pins and patches some day as a celebration of just how much you’ve done to make a real difference in your community!


So here’s how it works… when you complete an activity, fill in the star next to it on the Checklist. Once ALL 50 activities are done, have a teacher or leader at your school or community group sign their name on the top of the checklist. Send us an image or PDF of the checklist to It’s that easy!


We would love to see pictures or hear any updates you have while completing this challenge! We will feature what your club is doing through email and social media. Send any updates or questions you may have to


What about June, you might ask? In June, we hope you will join with all of us to participate in the Be A Friend Project’s Walkathon “walking towards a kinder world” organized by the national Teen Kindness Board. We will send information! You could be your own satellite team! In June, we also want you to have your end of the year Club party to debrief and celebrate what you’ve accomplished, together!

Join the fun as a Kindness Club Player!

Download the Checklist!
Download the 50 Challenges Descriptions!

List of Clubs! Coming soon!

FAQs Coming Soon!

It’s our goal to make it fun and simple for students to connect nationally by providing Club Challenges developed with input from our national Teen Kindness Board, Kindness Club Coordinator KIMMIE EDGE and Media Coordinator, Daniel Simpson. We are excited to present this new format with challenges and incentives for January - May 2024.


You can start an Official BAFP Kindness Club, or you can incorporate the BAFP Challenges into your existing Club/Group that focuses on a common mission, such as: community action, kindness, anti-bullying, global citizenship or student empowerment. You can name it the Be A Friend Project Club or you might invent your own BAFP Club name that you will register with us. You can be an official school club, or an informal yet committed group of (at least 2) friends that meet (even virtually) to carry-out the kindness & bullying awareness challenges. The Club can be school OR community-based. However you gather, we aim to make it easy and accessible for all of us to be stronger together and make a difference… while having fun! “Change one life and you can change the world!”

To register a NEW Kindness Club:

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