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Be A Friend Project In the News

2nd Annual Walkathon To End Bullying
Beach Run

News12 Westchester Reporting on the 2024 Walkathon to End Bullying

A Kind Word For Victims of Bullying
Beach Run

Highlands Current welcomes the BAFP to town with a feature including powerful interviews with local Teen Board members!

A 2017 "Once Upon A Time" story of how the Be A Friend Project was Co-Founded: By Alison Rooney
Beach Run

"Why the Be A Friend Project is Special To Me" by Michael Coppola
Beach Run

Through a partnership with The Matthew Shepard Foundation, the Be a Friend Project will have a recurring series on Matthew’s Place to highlight members of the organization.

NY “Theater Kid' Brielle Diaz Withers (16) Receives World's Most Prestigious Humanitarian Award For Youths: The Diana Award.
Beach Run

It all started in 2017 with being cast at 11-years-old in the 8x Broadway World Award-winning musical, "IT'S EASY! The Friend Strong Musical" and proves (Co-Playwright and Composer) January Akselrad's belief that "what kids learn through theater, they never forget."

KFDA NewsChannel 10's Mary Coleman helped us gather our biggest "Friend Mail" delivery yet
Beach Run

KFDA NewsChannel 10, Amarillo, Texas, Reporter Mary Coleman was instrumental in helping us gather the biggest delivery yet of "Friend Mail" for Mia by reporting on her heartbreaking story of surviving bullying and the positive effects of receiving peer letters of support - includes an interview with Super Ambassador/Teacher, Michelle Lancaster!

Good News: Live Storytelling Aims to be Inspiration of Kindness
Beach Run

Teen Kindness Board Member, Brad Lancaster, represents the BAFP at Kindness Event in Amarillo, Texas!

Prince William Shares Emotional Letter on Mom Princess Diana's Birthday: 'She Would Be So Proud'
Beach Run

The Duke of Cambridge is honoring inspiring young people on what would have been his mother's 61st birthday, including our own "On-Air Ambassador" Brielle Withers!! Scroll to bottom of article to see BAFP mention!!

Bushland takes 1st in national FCCLA contest by Michael Hughes
Beach Run

Bushland, TX, FCCLA students wear BAFP stickers and wristbands at their gold medal-winning competition for their "Random Acts of Kindness" that incorporated the BAFP! Check out the article!

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