Words of Support mean a lot to us, too...


Be A Friend Project deserves so much credit for the boy that he is now. Ayden’s healing process has been made possible by your letters of support… I love the Be A Friend Project for making it a priority to help build our kids through the power of kindness.” 


—  Nelly, Mom of "Ayden," Illinois


I cannot thank everyone enough for the outpouring support for my little one. This has changed her life forever! ”​


—  Rebecca, Mom of "Shianna," Florida


“Thank you for the LIGHT you helped keep burning in my daughter. Without you guys, that LIGHT may have been snuffed out by this world. God bless this organization. ” 

—  Brent, father of "McKenzie", CA


"My heart is FULL... I will say the work of the Be A Friend Project is absolutely, positively IMPACTFUL. I will do whatever I can to extend their reach."


—  Stephanie, mother of "Sydney,"  Illinois


—  Mylene Keipp, Principal

     Eagle Rock Jr/Sr High School,

     Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for your on-going work to send love to and from young people across our nation and the world!” 



Robert has been busy reading all his letters... each and every one of them is so uplifting, it is amazing. He has been a different child since that week! We can not thank the Be A Friend organization enough... you are helping our family heal.”​

~ Donna, mother of "Robert," PA


—  Recipient Moms standing up for the BAFP on TikTok in 2021!


I have never cared for something more than the Be A Friend Project – taking just two minutes out of your life can change someone else’s AND your own as well.  Brightening someone else’s day is not just a favor to them, it’s truly a favor to yourself. ” 

—  Daniel Simpson, Teen Super Ambassador, NJ



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Click to learn how the Be A Friend Project is an example of community service that students can STILL DO during COVID19 social distance and remote schooling!

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November 2019: BAFP Co-Founders are the Honorees at the RIVERDALE YM-YWHA Performing Arts Center Annual Broadway Gala!
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May 2019: UNIVISION, largest Spanish language network, reports on EAGLE ROCK HIGH SCHOOL receiving 2019 HUMAN RELATIONS AWARD from the Los Angeles Unified School District for their work with the Be-A-Friend Project. Thank you to Principal Mylene Keipp, Art Teacher Pablo Oliveros and student members of the Anti-Bullying Club for their dedication to making a FRIEND STRONG difference in their school!
Nicolette Perrone of NewsChannel 10 Amarillo, TX, reports on the surprise delivery of Be A Friend Project "Friend Mail" at the Bushland Middle School assembly for bullying victim, Marcus, with a presentation of 1,182 letters of peer support - and cheerleaders and the school band! SURPRISE MARCUS!!
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WMBF News Anchor, Kaitlin Stansell: "It's not every day that we get to follow up a story in such a positive way. I have felt honored to be a part of Emma's story, and it was such a special moment today when I got to surprise her with 1,049 letters of support from kids across the country. The Be-A-Friend project of See the Wish is really the group responsible for all of this, but I was happy to present their care package to Emma today. Check out her surprise!"
KFDA NewsChannel 10, Amarillo, Texas, Reporter Mary Coleman was instrumental in helping us gather the biggest delivery yet of "Friend Mail" for Mia by reporting on her heartbreaking story of surviving bullying and the positive effects of receiving peer letters of support - includes an interview with Super Ambassador/Teacher, Michelle Lancaster! 
Bushland, TX, FCCLA students wear BAFP stickers and wristbands at their gold medal-winning competition for their "Random Acts of Kindness" that incorporated the BAFP! Check out the article!
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A 2017 "Once Upon A Time" story of how the Be A Friend Project was Co-Founded: By Alison Rooney
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