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Friend Mail Program

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We deliver peer support
to victims of bullying!


About Friend Mail

Our signature Friend Mail program was envisioned by the junior cast members of the 2015 world premiere of "IT'S EASY! The Friend Strong Musical" in the Bronx, NY. These young actors asked the playwrights for a way to carry off-stage the show's "speak up, reach out and be a friend" message, determined to help victims of bullying stay strong and know they matter. What better way than a surprise delivery of peer support delivered to their door like a big bundle of 'fan mail' to a celebrity?  The young Upstanders named it "FRIEND MAIL," letters of peer support with empathetic words and art, videos and personal gifts. Currently, each Friend Mail Recipient receives between 700-2,000 letters from K-12 students across the USA and growing internationally. The more letters, the greater the impact to a child bullied beyond hope and feeling alone. Will you join us?

Current Recipient

Current Recipients

Letter Writing Guidelines

First names only and give no personal contact info

The BAFP keeps all under-18 Ambassadors and Recipients safe and anonymous. Only school and organization addresses, Teen Kindness Board members and teacher last names, are okay. We review all letters and remove personal contact info.


You know their story. What do you have in common? If you share hobbies, tell them about it. If you have been "in their shoes" before, let them know.

Stay mindful about Religion

It is beautiful to share what gives you strength with Recipients, but the person you are writing might have different beliefs from you. The BAFP is kindness and diversity-based, and not religion-based.

Your "style" is up to you!

The sky's the limit! Whether you send a virtual card or email, handwritten letter, class poster or creative masterpiece, a video or gift, what matters most is that you are sending your heartfelt support and be proud of it! 

Don't "blame the victim"

... by telling them they "should have" done something differently. THEY SURVIVED. Especially do not tell them they should have hit their bully, or spread lies about them. We will pull out letters that encourage violence.

Introduce yourself

...without giving your last name or home address.  For example: "I'm a 5th grade student in a New York City public school..."


Letter Samples


How to Send Your Letter

Friend Mail
Send All Mail To:

Be A Friend Project

P.O. BOX 30

Beacon, NY 12508

Use Office Address for UPS, FED Ex, etc.

2 Kemble Avenue

Cold Spring, NY 10516

Sending Virtual Mail:
Letters can be sent by using our online form, sending us your Google Drive link, or an email. Emails can also include PDFs or pictures of your handmade letters! For best results, take pictures overhead and straight-on, easiest to do by placing them on the floor. We will print it out for you and include it in the "Friend Mail" delivery!




Words of Support mean a lot to us, too...

“I have never cared for something more than the Be A Friend Project – taking just two minutes out of your life can change someone else’s AND your own as well.  Brightening someone else’s day is not just a favor to them, it’s truly a favor to yourself. ” 

Daniel Simpson

Teen Kindness Board

“Thank you for the LIGHT you helped keep burning in my daughter. Without you guys, that LIGHT may have been snuffed out by this world. God bless this organization. ” 

Brent, father of FMR Mackenzie, CA

"My heart is FULL ... I will say the work of the BAFP is absolutely, positively IMPACTFUL. I will do whatever I can to extend their reach."

Stephanie, Mom of FMR Sydney in Illinois

“Even if we’re just contacting one student, just writing letters to one student, I know that what we are doing is making a difference and that might only be helping that one person but that it’s making a difference in that person’s life.” 

Keely Miyamoto, Anti-Bullying Club President, Eagle Rock HS, CA

“The PTO is officially sponsoring the Be A Friend Project at our school this year, and the Student Council will be adopting it as their big project for the entire year. We’re so excited to get the whole school involved!” 

Kelli Parker, PTO Member Stafford School District, VA

“Your work is so special to so many bullied kids and their families! The empathy you promote among kids who become aware of what so many of their peers go through is amazing!” 

Christine Maiwald, Executive Director of UNIFY Against Bullying, MA

"We are in awe of your foundation and all of the work and so glad you found us and helped support us when we felt so hopeless."

Brian, dad of FMR Dylan, Minnesota

"With ya'all's help, the students learned that a service learning project doesn't have to be manual labor or even volunteering, but something as simple as writing a letter to someone who is hurting."

Brady Jacobs, State VP of Membership, Texas FCCLA

"Haven't seen him this happy in so long. To have it come from children just does something different to another child going through self-esteem trials ... to see so many of them tell him he is their friend really means the world to him ... This program is literally God sent."

Mom of FMR Josh, Oklahoma

“Robert has been busy reading all his letters... each and every one of them is so uplifting, it is amazing. He has been a different child since that week! We can not thank the Be A Friend organization enough... you are helping our family heal.”​

Donna, mother of FMR Robert, PA

“Thank you for being the change, making the difference and most importantly, teaching children to spread love instead of hate. Amazing organization showing people that we can make a difference!” 

Joan Quaresima, school social worker, IL

“Seeing (Friend Mail Recipient) Marcus' reaction was so amazing. I don't really know how to describe it, it brought tears to my eyes... don't ever give up.”

Tristan Dore, Lake Worth High School Student, State VP of Projects, Texas FCCLA

“Your letters touched a 10-year-old who was losing hope. With all the support, Logan is smiling knowing he is loved and nothing is wrong with him.” 

Sandy, mom of FMR Logan, Florida

“My students learn empathy through this program and truly care about the well being of others.  It warms my heart to see our youth care so much about others.  We only hear the bad stuff teens do, and rarely get to see the positive.  I love that through Be A Friend, we can see our students shine!” 

Michelle Lancaster, Teacher and FCCLA Leader, Bushland High School, TX

"After the worst day of my life, you guys really brightened me up. I just want to say to every single one of you, thank you." 

Dylan (9) Friend Mail Recipient from Minnesota 

"This is making a huge difference for her as she just a week ago refused to go to school. She even talks about having a letter with her in her backpack at school to give her confidence."

Arica, mom of FMR Charlotte, NY

“Those letters made me feel so good about myself and like a better person. It always encouraged me to move on and ignore the bullies.” 

Lexi (14), Friend Mail Recipient, NY

"As Sonia settled in for bedtime she shared, 'Those kids and adults are so kind - they took time to make art, pillows, write nice letters ….for me? I can’t believe it' ... Hearing her focused on positivity and gratitude instead of the bullies - priceless."

Zoya, mom of FMR Sonia, Washington State

It is comforting to know that there are so many caring young people (and their leaders!) willing to spend the time to help prop up someone whom they have never even met. When I originally wrote to you, I was in a state of helplessness and grasping at straws for ways to help my daughter get through this. How could I have known what a gift I was opening when we first spoke. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you and your blessed team do!

Siobhan, mother of FMR Aibhlin, Canada

"My students eyes lit up when I announced we were writing ... Thank you for starting such an amazing organization that teaches empathy and friendship long distances!”​

Michelle Lancaster

Teacher, Bushland HS, TX

"I realized I guess that I am worthy."

FMR Michael, 15, from NY upon receiving support

“We have been writing letters from our Afterschool Students. We employ Character Building Skills within our program to give a good foundation of positive social-emotional traits. We believe that with this foundation, it could faze out Bullying within our program.” 

Square One After-School & Summer Learning Program, Springfield, MA

“You don't know how happy I am for what you guys did. I'm so happy that I know a lot of people care about me.” 

Bailey (10), Friend Mail Recipient, MD