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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

We Delivered May 23, 2022!

Adorable Brooklyn was surprised at home with family in Kentucky with 720 letters and 440 "letter points" of custom gifts and a video of support! See the pictures and videos!


~ Brooklyn's Story ~

Caring Kentucky girl (12) is "broken hearted" after losing her "last friend left" to social bullying tactics, while also enduring physical and verbal assaults from her peers.

Brooklyn/ April 2022 Friend Mail Recipient

Brooklyn is "funny, caring and lovable" according to her mom, and is big on giving hugs and second chances. The 5th Grader from Kentucky loves caring for animals, and is considering being a vet when she grows up. She likes to bake, draw and play with stress-relieving "Fidget Toys."

Her mom says Brooklyn is obsessed with sign language, too, and made it her mission to learn so she could communicate with a deaf pre-school girl on her bus. When Brooklyn was just 8 years old, she similarly made a point of being friends with a neuro-divergent boy who had just moved to town; she sensed he needed a friend and someone to protect him. Brooklyn accompanied the boy to classes and even a school dance. She became such a trusted friend that teachers purposely put them in classes together because her presence kept him calm. Teachers - and the boy's mom - would even send for Brooklyn to help when the boy was having a "melt-down." Brooklyn would come right away, talk to him in her kind and caring way, and settle him.

Despite being asked to help teachers with a student's behavior because of her kind and calming nature, being an 'upstander' has also been used against her. When she tried to speak up to defend a boy whose hat was stolen, she was instructed to "mind her business" and "stop riding in on a white horse."

Brooklyn LOVES TO GIVE HUGS to everyone. Last month she went to give a hug to the girl she considered her best friend, but was rebuffed and told "No, we're not friends anymore." When she asked why not, the former friend told her, "Someone said you were mean." This classic example of "social bullying," spreading rumors to humiliate and isolate a victim, "broke her heart" and she went home in tears, telling her mom, "I lost my one and only last friend left, and she embarrassed me in front of everyone."

The bullying began in 4th Grade for Brooklyn. It started with kids in the neighborhood, continued onto the bus and ultimately into the school. On the bus, other kids would take her backpack, rummage through it and take her things: snacks, money, toys. She stopped bringing anything she valued to school. But still, just last week in 5th Grade, one bully took a "Nee Doh" stress ball out of her backpack and busted it open, smearing its contents around the bus and on to Brooklyn. Weekly, bullies call this beautiful girl names on purpose to hurt her, names like ugly, fat, disgusting, "fat hands" and "small nose." If she wears gel in her hair, they say her hair is "greasy." Bullies blame all bad smells on her, and they make fun of her clothes at lunch time. Last month on a school trip, she was hit and head-butted by two other students.

Always a bright student with A's and B's, Brooklyn's grades are failing now as a result of the stress at school making it hard to focus. And with ADHD, it's harder for Brooklyn to catch back up. Like most children targeted by bullies, Brooklyn is starting to believe the words her peers use to attack her, including that she's "stupid." The 5th Grader feels alone without any friends, and she is scared to go to Middle School next year where bullying might be even worse.

A YOUTUBE INTRODUCTION OF Brooklyn by our On-Air Super Teen Ambassador, Brielle Withers, is a good choice for young students to learn her story:

Brooklyn is not a big reader, but she likes "Relatable Books" that encourage young readers to empathize with its characters and forge a connection. She does love to check the mail and open cards! YAY!

Ambassadors, help us fill Brooklyn's heart with positive and empathetic words and art through your letters, cards and videos of support! Let her know how PROUD you are that she is an UPSTANDER and KIND and CARING! What a great friend anyone would love to have!!

JOIN US IN MAKING BROOKLYN FRIEND STRONG, and help bring back her hope and confidence!



Friend Mail must arrive in our NY office for review by the Due Date to be included in her main surprise delivery!

Mail "PHYSICAL" letters to:

Be A Friend Project

P.O. Box 30

Beacon, NY 12508

Email letters, videos, scans & Google Drive links, send to:


Brooklyn 2022
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