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Support Delivered 3/23 - PIPER!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

💕 "I can’t tell you how your project has already turned Piper's life around ... This was the most amazing experience for Piper. She felt so so so special and could not believe how many showed up for her ... I just have no words on how grateful we are. Reading some of these notes were just amazing. She just can’t get over how many people responded, how many people showed up and how many people wanted to be friends with her ... This is by far the best organization I have ever come across."
~ Piper's mom

Just SOME of the pictures capturing the Friend Mail surprise and special presentation hosted at Topfield Equestrian Center for this horse-loving 5th Grader:

From one Friend Mail recipient to another! 💕


~ Piper's Story ~

Compassionate 5th Grader declines having a birthday party because "no one will come."

Piper/ February 2023 Recipient

Piper is "empathetic, funny and compassionate" says her mom. The adorable 5th Grader from New York State loves horseback riding, drawing, performing songs and dance, and hopes to be a Teacher when she grows up. This year, she even tried to learn Spanish just so she could welcome a new classmate from Mexico. Most recently, she earned the 5th Grade school award for "Modeling Honesty."

Her mom first noticed the decline in Piper's mood in the 3rd Grade, and discovered her little girl was enduring verbal and social bullying at school. When she asked her daughter about class parties and playdates with other kids, Piper would say, "I'm just not invited." Piper has worked through a speech delay and learning disabilities like dyslexia, and can miss social cues, like the boys who make fun of her on text chats without her realizing it. Bullies target Piper for her body weight and anything else they decide stands out as different, like her disabilities and the family's middle class lifestyle in a very wealthy community.

The 'Force' is strong in this one, such presence! ❤️😍

Her mom says Piper "would never hurt anyone in her life." The 11-year-old always tries to use kind words when dealing with classmates who socially exclude and purposely try to humiliate her, asking "Did I do anything wrong?" She either receives no answer or is told "I'm sick of you" and "I'm not your friend anymore."

FYI, it's a fact; No one deserves to be bullied ever!

Being bullied is never the fault of the victim.

In Gym Class, a boy yelled out "Let's take a vote on who thinks Piper looks like a Hippopotamus!" Kids actually raised their hands and Piper walked away devastated. There were no 'Upstanders' in Gym Class that day, or ever it seems. When Piper's mom reported this instance of bullying, Piper soon found herself cornered and threatened by the bully: "If you ever tell your mother again, it's going to get worse."


A YOUTUBE INTRODUCTION OF PIPER by our On-Air Teen Ambassador, Brielle Withers, is a good way for young students to learn her story!


Piper turned 11 recently, but declined her mom's idea of inviting her whole class to a birthday party, insisting "no one will come." So instead, her Aunt posted on her social media for birthday cards from her adult friends. Piper received about a dozen and was thrilled.


If Piper was thrilled to get a dozen cards, just imagine the positive impact of an entire SURPRISE "FRIEND MAIL" DELIVERY from her PEERS nationwide!

Piper seems to have lost hope that she will make the friends she deserves - caring, fun, loyal, empathetic and creative, like her! LET'S SHOW PIPER JUST HOW MANY CARING FRIENDS LIKE YOU THERE ARE IN THE WORLD, AND THAT SHE MATTERS. Your kindness, inspiration and admiration are just what she needs to stay strong and feel confident. Tell Piper she is a PRIZE FRIEND, just by being herself, which is seriously AWESOME!



Friend Mail must arrive in our NY office for review by the Due Date to be included in the main surprise delivery!

Mail "PHYSICAL" letters to:

Be A Friend Project

P.O. Box 30

Beacon, NY 12508

Email letters, videos, scans & Google Drive links, send to:


Piper PDF Feb. 2023
Download PDF • 727KB


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