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2023 Spirit of Matthew Award Winner from the Matthew Shepard Foundation

Supporting student 'Upstanders' to
end bullying and save lives!


What is the
Be a Friend Project?

A "KIDS FOR KIDS" organization of student Upstanders (from kindergarten through college) working to end bullying, save lives and build kinder communities using empathy, education and the Arts. Our national Teen Kindness Board helps guide new initiatives and programming. The signature Friend Mail Program delivers surprise peer support with empathetic words and art to survivors of severe bullying to help them stay strong and know they are not alone.  School and community-based Kindness Clubs celebrate and cultivate acts of bullying prevention and kindness activism.


BAFP In the News

Beach Run
2nd Annual Walkathon To End Bullying

News12 Westchester Reporting on the 2024 Walkathon to End Bullying

Who We're Writing To…

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