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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Thanks for checking in! WE DELIVERED!

KAYLEE received 81 LETTERS of peer support on 2/2016!





Help bring hope to this young victim of bullying and let her know she is AMAZING and not alone!

Kaylee is a courageous, inspired and caring student from Pennsylvania who was bullied in 2014 at 13-years-old by classmates when she shaved her head in honor of her beloved grandmother who was losing her hair to cancer treatment. One year later, Kaylee struggles with the long-term effects of the bullying.

In Kaylee's words... “My mom called me into the kitchen and told me, ‘Your grandmother’s been diagnosed with cancer.' We went to visit her and I saw how depressed she was about losing her hair because she loved her hair.”  Not wanting her grandmother to feel alone, Kaylee decided to cut her own hair.

Kaylee's mom was so proud of her daughter's brave show of support that she cut her hair off, too! But when Kaylee showed up at school with her new look, the bullying started. She endured three kinds of bullying... weeks of physical assault, verbal name-calling and social isolation.

While Kaylee has the support of her family and was awarded a medal of courage from Teach Anti-Bullying, Inc., the effects of peer bullying pack a real punch to a victim's feeling of self-worth. Kaylee needs your words of encouragement not to give up and that life will get better.

Kaylee told news reporters that she hopes she can inspire other children to stand up to bullying... has Kaylee inspired YOU?

A 2014 video on Kaylee's story can be found on this news feature from


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