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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Thanks for checking in! WE DELIVERED!

Logan (10) received a RECORD 2,093 LETTERS of peer support on 12/18/18!

Even the FLORIDA GATORS brought their support!

Posts From Logan's Mom:

"Your letters touched a ten-year-old who was losing hope.

With all the support, Logan is smiling knowing he is loved and nothing is wrong with him,

and that it’s the bullies who made him feel this way."


Logan's sensational surprise event was organized and kicked-off by the Bullying Prevention Council of Marion County, FL, led by Danny Pedalino and anti-bullying activist, Kenny Adamic.


The Florida Gators heard (through a letter from our Texas Super Ambassador, Michelle Lancaster) that LOGAN (10), was a MEGA FAN, so they took time out to support him and sent this video to surprise him along with his letters of peer support! The Team and Head Coach Dan Mullen let Logan know they had his back! #GoGators!! 💕💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🐊🐊🐊 We'll never forget the time you took to help a victim of bullying feel special and STAY STRONG! Your message lives on in Logan's heart and in this video.



Logan barely breathes! His expression is priceless when he sees his favorite GATORS' player, Freddie Swain, say he is Logan's biggest fan!!

Pictures from Logan's Surprise Event:


Logan's Super-Sweet Video of Thanks:



Original Post

THIS YOUTUBE INTRODUCTION OF LOGAN is a good choice for young students!

~ By On-Air Teen Super Ambassador, Brielle Withers:

10-year-old Florida 5th Grader bullied since 3rd Grade asks his mom,

"Why is it only happening to me?"

We know well it is not only happening to Logan... NO ONE deserves to be bullied, yet over 70% of U.S. students have seen bullying in their schools.

Most bullying takes place where adults are not around like hallways, cafeterias, bathrooms and the playground. 20% of reported bullying incidents according to the CDC take place in PE or gym class. That's where the bullying started for Logan.

LOGAN is a huge FLORIDA GATORS FOOTBALL FAN who likes to draw and play sports. He is an "OVERALL REALLY GOOD KID" who is "LOVING" and "PASSIONATE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE'S FEELINGS" according to his mom with "the cutest laugh that no one else has!" But he rarely laughs or smiles these days. Even his teachers have commented, "I want to bring back the laughing Logan."

The bullying started in a 3rd Grade PE class as students walked laps around the outdoor track and Logan bent down to tie his sneaker... next thing he knew, 2 boys jumped him, kicking him in his side and hitting him in his chest. He lost his breath, tears came quickly, and his reaction was to swing back at them. The teacher only saw Logan swing and he was reported with one other boy to the Dean for "a fight between boys." Logan was very brave. He stood up for himself with the Dean, insisting he had been attacked and not involved in a "fight." Eventually, the Dean believed him and apologized. WAY TO SPEAK UP, LOGAN!!

However, the bullying has continued by the same boys throughout the 3rd and 4th grades and to the present. He's switched out of classes to get away from these bullies. The bullies told other kids not to be friends with Logan. They called Logan mean and untrue names like UGLY, FAT, and STUPID and, when he spoke up about the bullying, he was called a "CRYBABY." Logan is known to reach out to other kids who he sees being bullied. He makes a point to go over and talk to them. In 4th Grade, a boy was made fun of because he was on crutches. So, every morning at the car line, without being asked, Logan would offer to carry that boy's book-bag into school. It's not as easy for Logan to know what to do about being bullied himself. In the beginning, Logan tried to hide his hurt by being a "class clown" but now the on-going bullying has taken away his smile. He even tried to make friends with one of the bullies... at first that seemed to work as the bully started to be nice to him. Logan felt a little hope as he entered 5th Grade this year.  His mom said he actually SMILED the first day when she picked him up at school and said, "I want to have a different year this year!" But then, in gym class, that same boy BODY-SLAMMED LOGAN into a wall when no one was looking, and the hope he felt inside crumbled. It's easy to understand how Logan is struggling to feel okay. Anxiety from the on-going bullying causes him to break down in school and to "freeze"during tests. His grades have slipped, says his mom. Logan tells her that he has no friends at all. Logan bravely struggles to stay resilient, but it's hard to endure daily bullying, and he has sometimes felt like giving up. He has asked to be removed from the school completely. His mom is researching new schools for next year, but meanwhile.... LOGAN REALLY NEEDS OUR SUPPORT - AND NOW!!

Logan needs to know he is not alone! He needs to know that he IS an awesome friend who is FRIEND STRONG! YOU CAN HELP us to overpower those bullies in his school with our army of kindness and tell him how much you admire his UPSTANDER SPIRIT! Let's help Logan through this school year by sending support!


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