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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Check-in with sweet Rachael to see how she's doing and remind her she's FRIEND STRONG FAMILY FOREVER! Review her story. Send your "BOOSTER SHOT OF PEER SUPPORT" to this now 10th Grader by October 16th, 2021 through our virtual portal or to:


P.O. BOX 30

BEACON, NY 12508

Please note this is a new address for the 2021-2020 Season!


WE DELIVERED 1,780 LETTERS of peer support on 2/26/20!






🌻Since being surprised with her Friend Mail two weeks ago, Rachael has been opening a few letters every day, finding strength in the empathic words and art. 😍She's giving back on the kindness as a new Official Ambassador, writing Friend mail and wearing her official Be A Friend Project badge to school every day the first week and presenting to her gym class, theater class, science class and chorus!! WOW!! We are proud of you, Rachael!❤️💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽SPEAK UP, REACH OUT AND BE A FRIEND!!

PRECIOUS proof that the power of your support helps a young bullying victim to feel safe and not alone!! 💕 Rachael’s first night after receiving your Friend Mail finds her tucked in with Howland Public Library’s Dalmation puppy and wearing all the wristbands sent from us, Unify Against Bullying, It Could Be Your Kid, Friend Mail Recipient Sydney’s homemade bracelet and one from NJ teen Melissa Reifman whose anti-bullying efforts earned her a Girl Scout Gold Award! Rachael’s mom says she will never take them off. You are FRIEND STRONG, Rachael, even in your dreams!!❤️💪🏼💪🏼




THIS YOUTUBE INTRODUCTION OF RACHAEL is a good choice for young students!

~ By On-Air Teen Super Ambassador, Brielle Withers:

Heartbroken 7th Grader's first words to her mom after vicious school bus attack,"Why don't these kids like me? I've done nothing to them."

Rachael's mom describes her 13-year-old as an incredibly artistic, kind-hearted girl who loves dancing. She puts others' needs above her own, and she loves to care for and help others. When Rachael's mom showed her daughter our Be A Friend Project website, she immediately asked to write letters to ALL the kids on the page... even though she has NO IDEA that she will be featured next as a Friend Mail Recipient! With her sweet smile & courage, we know Rachael has lots of support to offer.


Kids will search their minds for WHAT they might have done or said to get bullied. We are here to tell every bullied child... you did NOTHING wrong! It is never your fault.

Currently in 8th Grade, Rachael was constantly bullied throughout her middle school years in North Carolina. Her mom says Rachael came home almost every day talking about being called names like "FAT" and "UGLY." Rachael often didn't know the kids that bullied her, and when reporting the VERBAL ABUSE to the school administration, they said they couldn't do anything if she didn't have a name.

Like all kids, all Rachael wants is friends. But the daily verbal bullying led to emotional trauma, intense anxiety and social isolation as she started to believe the names the kids called her. Her mom says, Rachael refused to see or believe all the good and beautiful things about her.

Last year in 7th Grade, the bullying got PHYSICAL. Without provocation, a girl on the school bus grabbed Rachael by the hair and viciously whipped her about the head and upper body with a belt. A graphic video was posted to social media by another student riding the bus.

The bus bystander captioned her video of the attack, "She literally made this poor little girl bleed from her ear and head like she was leaking... Ya'll she really did that for NO REASON."

When Rachael stepped off the bus bruised and bleeding, the first thing she said to her horrified mom was "Why don't these kids like me? I've done nothing to them."

Rachael's mom pressed charges and took the incident to court. The district gave the family a transfer to a different bus and Rachael transferred to a different school. Thankfully, the new school has been free from bullying so far, and Rachael is beginning to make friends but struggles to trust and let her emotional walls down after the trauma. Her mom says "as much as Rachael wants friends, it's like kids won't take the time with her."

Rachael is using therapy as a tool to gain back her self-confidence and self-esteem, and that's where OUR LETTERS OF SUPPORT WILL HELP AT A VERY CRITICAL TIME!

Rachael loves to do almost anything crafty, but for the moment she likes to LOOM and PAINT. (Wow!) Art, slime, and Youtube make her happy, too.  She joined theater and chorus this year!!

Be A Friend to Rachael
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