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"Walking towards a kinder world" Walkathon organized by the Teen Kindness Board raises $18,000. 💜

The BAFP Teen Kindness Board's FIRST EVER Be A Friend Walkathon "walking towards a kinder world" to raise funds and awareness, RAISED $18,000 ... (WOW!!) ... and lots of new friends!

On June 3rd, 2023, Walkathon Headquarters was based in Irvington, NY, starting on the grounds of the Main Street School and following a 3 mile loop on the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail. Satellite walks were organized nationwide by Teen Board members EllaGrace Clinger, FL, Brad Lancaster, TX, Daniel Simpson, NJ, and the "Hike for Hope" by the students of Principal Joyce Chapnick of the Main Street School which raised a record $2,834 of total funds!

It was mutually thrilling for Main Street School 4th and 5th Grade Leadership Team students (like "Audrey" in the picture above) and On-Air Ambassador/Vlogger Brielle Diaz Withers (to the right of Audrey) to meet in person! Brielle has been reporting the stories of Friend Mail Recipients on Youtube to students since initiating her role in 2018. 4th Grader Audrey made a declaration that she will be on the Teen Kindness Board when she is old enough - and we believe it!

Thank you to all the Participants, Sponsors and Donors that powered this event dedicated to our friend and Teen Board Chair, Aidan Duver, whose idea it was to hold the walkathon, and tragically passed away just the week before his event after a 22-month battle with cancer. His Dobbs Ferry High School friends and Teen Board members came straight from Aidan's funeral on the morning of June 3rd to work and walk the route in Aidan's honor. A tribute area designed by friends and Teen Board members, Kylie Hogan, Mika Wurf and Kimmie Edge, offered pictures, a tribute poster for signing, purple ribbons and butterfly tattoos. Six 2017 "IT'S EASY!" Cast Members reunited for the Walkathon to honor Aidan. Teen Kindness Board members were given "compassion blankets" in a ceremony to remember our friend. The courage, resilience and passion displayed by all the teens - and especially Aidan - remains an inspiration.

Teen Board member KYLIE HOGAN, a Dobbs Ferry High School senior, stepped up back in March to lead the event planning. With steady support from her core team members - her mom Kim Hogan, our Office/Program Manager Amy Duver, Executive Director Jennifer and Teen Board & BAFP Staff, Kimmie Edge - Kylie impressed us with her professional and resourceful planning. She starting by plotting the Irvington Aqueduct Trail course, spearheading the idea of sponsorships (ultimately gathering $5,200.00!) and overseeing all things signs, snacks and volunteers.

VIP Walkathon Team members also include Chris Hogan, Michelle and David Wurf, Teen Board member Brielle Diaz Withers and her mom/Board Director, Lily, Board Chair Jennifer Kennett, BAFP Staff Heather Pinieri and her A-Team family of volunteers, Marc and Amelia, and Kimmie Edge's parents, Jen and Jason.

THANK YOU, VIP WALKATHON TEAM! Can't wait to do it again next year - a Teen Kindness Board annual Walkathon "walking towards a kinder world" and always to be dedicated to Aidan.💜


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