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A show of strength from peer & professional dancers for bullied 3rd Grade ballet dancer, Dylan!

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Any child inclined to "make fun" of a boy who dances Ballet, will think twice after watching 9-year-old Dylan's Surprise "Video of Support." A 16-minute 'must watch' for all children, especially boys who DANCE!

This is a record-breaking compilation of videos for the BAFP for any Friend Mail Recipient, and they are sent from professional, celebrity and peer Dancers and Actors to Dylan, the MN 3rd Grader brutally attacked by his bully for studying Ballet and Tap. The videos reveal the physical and emotional STRENGTH, UNITY and FIERCE SUPPORT of the male dance community and their fans.

The BAFP is so honored to be the messenger sharing your support including over 2,000 letters and gifts nationwide sent to help Dylan STAY STRONG and know that he is not alone!!

Thank you to all the Dancers who inspire!!

Enjoy and feel the strength...


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